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Friday, 26 January 2007

Google Alerts

I have recently been discovering the delights of Google Alerts. As you all know, to be successful with a blog you need to have the latest information and be up to date with what is going on. Sometimes if you are on of the first to find something out you can get the scoop and get Dugg, which causes a MAJOR influx of traffic to your site.

Google Alerts helps you do this, and potentially provides you with infinite content. You just need to have a Google account and your good to go. You type in a few keywords e.g. 'affiliate programme' and Google will scour the net for the latest things people have been saying using your keywords. (I have found that using 'affiliate programme' as my keyword, Google have found what I have already written on this site and gives it to me again as the latest info which is quite reassuring!).

You can choose the type of site you want Google to crawl (groups, web, blog, news or comprehensive). I use comprehensive, which gives the broadest range of alerts.

Google alerts you by Email and you can choose how often you want them to do this, be it once a week, as it happens or once a day. I go for once a day. This way each day I can have a browse of the alerts which not only makes me more of an expert in my niche, but also provides me with juicy, fresh content.

Don't be alarmed by news you missed, be alerted before everyone else knows about it.

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