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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

The AGLOCO Viewbar

Im sure you have all been wanting to find out how long we must wait to start raking in the money from AGLOCO. Well, heres the info.

The first 'phase' of the Viewbar are estimated to be released in 5 - 8 weeks. There are many reasons why the release has been so carefully managed. Partneterships and operating systems and server plainning are just a few examples of why it has taken so long.
As well as the predicted release date, AGLOCO has set a goal of having 10million members by July 1, 2007, which is pretty ambitious but if they manage it, the company would have a value of $250 - $400 million based on current internet valuaion metrics. That would make members shares worth a fortune.

Accorrding to my estimations, AGLOCO should have atleast 100,000 members at this stage. If you do sign up, go ahead and contact me with any questions you have regarding AGLOCO.

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