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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Sponsored Reviews Refunded Me!

In my last post I explained about how I wrote three sponsored posts using Sponsored Reviews but two of the purchases were made using stolen credit cards and so I only received payment for one of the three posts.

Yesterday I found they had sent the other $21 they 'owed' me into my PayPal account! They also sent an e-mail outlining what they had done:

"With that being said we have gone through and credited all bloggers for the amounts they would have earned for the work they completed. Since payday was this past Saturday and you were not paid for these reviews, we have gone ahead and completed a special payment run"

I am happy to now have restored trust in them and I will keep using Sponsored Reviews, especially because it is not part of their TOS to refund me but they did it anyway. As well as issuing this "special payment run" they outlined some changes they have made to their system:

"We have restricted access for certain countries that are known for this type of fraud, as well as implemented new procedures to weed out potential problem advertisers."

It's great to see they are in touch with their users and provide an adaptable service. I like to think that perhaps my last post influenced them ;p. Whatever the reason it is for the best and thanks for the unexpected refund Sponsored Reviews! This is a step in the right direction for those of you looking for a trusted site to make money online with.

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