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Thursday, 10 May 2007

SEO Class

SEO Class provides SEO Training by what are apparently marketing specialists. Of course there is no qualification that defines who is a 'marketing specialist', but every SEO Class presenter has an online presence at either, WebmasterWorld Forum, Threadwatch, Search Engine Land or SERoundtable.

At the class you will learn about:

1. Content creation.
2. Organic and Paid Link Building and Management
3. Research Techniques
4. Social Marketing
5. Paid Marketing Campaigns
6. Technical Setup
7 SEO Tools (free and paid ones).

To me it looks like SEO Class will teach you a lot about SEO. However, whether most of that knowledge can be found online for free is another matter. I suspect a lot of it can be found, but the SEO learning curve (much like the blogging one) is long. The advantage of SEO class is that you can learn it all in one go.

The cost is a whopping $2999 (did I forget to mention that?). This is way over the budget for most bloggers in the online money making niche. In addition, one of the major plusses of the SEO class would be that you can get 1 on 1 help from the experts, however, without the experience of trying out their techniques it would be hard to make the most of this offer.

There are no seats currently available for the May 2007 (they must be making the sales somewhere!). SEO Class is best for young online businesses, where the webmaster has only a moderate or little amount of SEO knowledge.

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