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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Blog About Your Blog... and get a free fridge!

What more could you want in life? The Blog About Your Blog Feed Contest is well underway. All you have to do is subscribe to their feed, leave a comment and when they reach 200 subscribers they will give away a 'state of the art' mini fridge. If there’s one thing that the ladies go for, it’s a man with a mini fridge.

As I write this they have 105 subscribers so they are over half way there! Note that only US residents can be sent the fridge, so no fridge for me I’m afraid (story of my life... :p).

I may usually be one to 'game the system' but with Feeds my views are a little different. I always think of feeds as a very accurate measure of the quality of a blog’s content, because unlike e.g. the Technorati favourites, subscribing to a feed has consequences and means getting posts sent to you (so people don't just subscribe on a whim). However, Blog About Your Blog does have quality content, which 'lessens the blow' and there seems to be no reason why people can't unsubscribe from the contest once the fridge has been awarded.

But Wait, What is 'Blog About Your Blog'

"We are a community blog where we feature quality bloggers with quality blogs. We ask bloggers to share their articles with us, providing links to their own blog, as well as traffic and readers."

I heard about Blog About Your Blog a while ago, but for a reason I am unsure of I never actually visited them. They have a simple and effective layout (which apparently is new) and a distinct lack of Ads which makes a refreshing change.

It was good to see a few familiar faces posting there. I would try to become an author there myself if I had the time but as you know I am looking for guest bloggers myself.

- This is a sponsored Post - (not sponsored to be positive!) -


PoEt said...

ty for the post, glad you do like us :)

good luck with guest posters

matt608 said...

No Problem poet!