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Sunday, 1 April 2007

John Chow is Dead!

EDIT: It turns out the suspicions of this being an April fools joke were true! He lives again!

John Chow, the friend of the community, the dot com mogul, a member of the Save the Whales Foundation; has finally left the blogosphere. Today he announced he was retiring from blogging in his last blog post to travel the world.

His blog started on the 1st December 2005. It has been a rollercoaster ride, even for his readers.

He announced that he is going, "On a Permanent Vacation". It's not Lord of The Rings John!"

"I have sold my company, TTZ Media Inc., to a Toronto based Internet Venture Company. The sale closed yesterday. I cannot disclose the sale price but it is enough that the interest on the money alone would put me in the top 1% income bracket."

In other words, he is Flipping Rich. He has been an inspiration to 10,000s of bloggers (maybe more?) and we will all miss him. I have no doubt that he was a major catalyst in the recent influx of bloggers, most of whom blog about making money online.

His Legacy
- He is one of the very top AGLOCO founding members and has massively influenced their success as a company, (which I eagerly await).
- Photos of his food! None of us can ever forget John after all those mouth-watering photos!
- His prizes! I am the proud owner of a crappy watch he sent me and his custom pen is now travelling the world, I believe at the moment it is somewhere in Cardiff (Wales). Maybe one day it will cross paths with him.

There has been some speculation as to whether this is all a big April Fools Joke. All I can say that if it is, you got me. Goodbye John, may your miscellaneous ramblings never truly cease.


Johnny Cash said...

I have added your site to my Technorati's favorite. Hence, for today, I saw "John Chow is Dead!" whenever I log onto Technorati.

matt608 said...

LOL! Thanks, hey I will add yours to my Technorati favourites too :)