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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

AGLOCO - Viewbar Scam?

Everyone knows by now that I support AGLOCO, but I cannot keep singing their praises all day long. The continual delaying of the Viewbar release is starting to get to me. Some top referrers say that they want more delays because it means they can get easy referrals before the competition hots up.

I beg to differ.

The continual delays of the AGLOCO Viewbar is damaging my downline. Allow me to explain:

Only a very small percentage of AGLOCO members actually bother to make new referrals (like most referral schemes). The delaying of the Viewbar makes this percentage decrease even further! The AGLOCO blog frequently boasts about how they are achieving record numbers of referrals each week; but I'd say that by a massive number of the active referrers have lost interest.

Overall the company may still be growing, but a slice of its founding members (members with referrals) will have given up. This slice consists of the 'middle - low level' members who have less than 50 people in their downline. The chances are if you have less than 50 direct referrals you wont have made that 'magic signup' who goes and does the rest of the referring for you.

These 'middle - low level' people make up a very large proportion of AGLOCO founding members and their downlines are stale. They have done the hard work, made some referrals but those referrals don't want to wait months for the Viewbar release and so they won't make referrals themselves or use the Viewbar when it finally arrives.

Lets hope the AGLOCO blog has given an accurate prediction this time:

"The engineers have informed me that the Viewbar release is currently scheduled for between Monday April 2 and Monday, April 16"

I am in no way renouncing AGLOCO. I strongly believe their program can work, but if this Viewbar is delayed much longer it will be the 'middle - higher' members to start to get impatient for their earnings.

In a way these continuous delays are a scam. We have been expecting the Viewbar for months; they keep hanging the carrot tantalisingly close but never let us bite it. Perhaps it still it's still green and not ripe yet (like the AGLOCO site ). I can rest assured that when I finally get a bite of the AGLOCO carrot it will be sweet.


LiVEWYRE said...

Anyone dare to suggest that the whole thing might be some enormous scam??

matt608 said...

Lots of people have called it a scam. They have the problem that AGLOCO is free, so its hard to define what they are 'scamming us of'. Some people say are scamming us of our time, that is what I was suggesting by the endless Viewbar delayes.

LiVEWYRE said...

Obviously it's not a monetary scam, but maybe data collecting, I read a blog somewhere suggesting that email addresses could be sold and that he had experienced a dramatic increase in spam since signing up?? Have you experienced that at all?

matt608 said...

I have not had any spam emails from AGLOCO or had a general increase in spam since signing up. I did experience that with Wealthtoolbox- I wrote a review of that on my other site:

Lilly said...

I think essentially they are all scams. I've signed up with some affiliate things and you make a 1 dollar but need 100 to get paid. BAH!