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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Week 9 Earnings Report + Rankings

Here are the figures for this week, and yes, this post is normally made on a Friday... but I got a little sidetracked... The figures in brackets are the increase since last week; the main figures are cumulative. It is fairly self-explanatory; have a gander!

Mylot: $20.28 (+$0.39)

Adsense: $55.03 (+$11.93)

Text Link Ads: $50 (no change)

Lightspeed Panel Surveys: 1825 points = approximately $42. (No change)

Ciao: £7.73/$15.46 (+$2.12)

Cashcrate: $3.25 pending, $0.08 earned (+$0.08).

Treasure Trooper: $0.50 (no change).

SlashmySearch: $2.69 (+$0.12)

Amazon Associates: $16.50 (+$16.50)

Total: $202.54 (+$29.35)

Technorati Rank: 21,140 (-2,394) (remember a ‘ – ‘ is a good thing with rankings!)
Alexa rank: 348,222 (-162,999)

As usual it was a bit of a mixed week but it is nice to cross the $200 mark. Surprisingly traffic has been down this week (which you will find out later today with the google Analytics Weekly Overview), but AdSense earnings have still increased more than they did last week. I still consider that a loss though, because at this stage it is more important to grow the blogs readership than initial AdSense earnings.

The SlashmySearch earnings are low because they have temporarily lowered the pay rate, but they assured us all via their forum that the normal rates will be returning "really soon".

Now that I'm reaching the top end of the Technorati rankings; moving up them has become harder but the Alexa rank is still increasing substantially.

As usual I must remind you about the impending release of the AGLOCO Viewbar so those earnings will be kicking in soon!


bashmvp said...

some improvement eh..
well done..

Matthew Roades said...


Congratulations on your work. I have included you in the BlogCity Rankings in the number 5 spot. It is a new and evolving list of people that make money blogging and try and help others do the same. I am not trying to spam your comment box or anything so Google the BlogCityTales and check us out.

matt608 said...

Hi, thanks for adding to your site! (and not spamming). I Googled BlogCityTales but BlogCityTales came up with a 404. I will try again later.