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Friday, 16 March 2007

Week 10 Earnings Report + Rankings

Here are the figures for this week. The figures in brackets are the increase since last week; the main figures are cumulative. It is fairly self-explanatory; have a gander!

Mylot: $20.55 (+$0.39)

Adsense: $61.22 (+$6.19)

Text Link Ads: $50 (no change)

Lightspeed Panel Surveys: 1825 points = approximately $42. (No change)

Ciao: £7.96/$15.92 (+$0.58)

Cashcrate: $5.96 and $4.50 pending (+$5.92. From now on I will not include pending payments in the main total.

Treasure Trooper: $0.50 (no change).

SlashmySearch: $2.70 (+$0.01)

Amazon Associates: $16.50 (+$16.50)

Kontera: $1.04 (+$1.04)

Total: $216.39 (+$12.85)

Technorati Rank: 19,851 (-1,289) (remember a ‘ – ‘ is a good thing with rankings!)
Alexa rank: 326,609 (-21,613)

To be frank it was a very 'bad' week, especially given last weeks earnings were $29.35. However, I am not surprised or disappointed. This reflects the time I have spent working on my new site Affiliate Programs, which caused a noticeable drop on traffic for this one. Once everything has calmed down and especially after the impending Google Page Rank update it will all return to the steady progress that was happening in previous weeks.

If you were wondering how progress is going with Affiliate Programs the answer is it is going great. After just 2 posts I have already received a request for me to research a site and give my 'scam or not' conclusion on it. Its gona be big!


Riz said...

Hi, can I ask what percentage of these earnings are from this site, and how much isfrom other sites? I'm thinking about blogging for cash, and am trying to get a feel for the work involved.


matt608 said...

Hi Riz,
Those earnings as you can see involve a number of different sites. The AdSense is just from this site and the other earnings are from referrals I have made, the vast majority of which cane from this site. The first $15 or so of Mylot earnings was from me posting there myself , the rest has been from my referrals I made on this site.
- Hope that gives you a better idea. If you want some more inspiring figures last weeks report has some more impressive increases.


Chris said...

Not bad at all. I see you've managed to get 2 TLA referrals which is cool - I haven't managed any yet, which is annoying, but they sold all 4 ad slots on my Thermal blog in less than a month which is nice.

What's your thoughts on paid posts Matt? In a lot of respects I'd rather not,but you can't argue with $650 in a month from 1 blog...

matt608 said...

Hi Chris,
yep Ive got 2 referrals so far, and I have received payment! :)
back in
the number 1 reason to lose blog readers was to write too many sponsored posts. It is important to spread them out - I explain my view fully in that post.


DotMySpot said...

:) I like your earnings :)

natnit said...

As a blogger who's really just starting out, and only has AdSense related ads up, what do you think I should do? I want to make good use of my ad-space, but don't know how.


matt608 said...

Ok natnit. that is a very big question!!

My advice would be to try to intergrate your ads more. On Pandasmic it looks like your text google ads are very well integrated, but the verticle collumn is not. If you change the backgroud to plain white and remove the border you should see a noticeable increase in click throughs. This is because people generally click in ads less if they are aware they are ads. You are not trying to 'trick them' but just make it less ovbious what is an ad.

Much like this one, your blog contains a fair bit of content about blogging for money, so most of your readers WILL be aware of what Google AdSense is. This causes a considerably lower click through rate and is a price to pay for blogging in this niche.

Oh, a final point. AdSense ads will stay more related to your site if you stay on topic. A small amount of text about e.g. cars can result in a whole load of the ads being about cars when you don't want them to be. There are ways of getting around this. John Chow explained in this post today:

There are other things to consider as well, ovbiously more traffic = more earnings, but I hope that helps.


natnit said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the super quick reply. You're right, I guess those ads aren't very well integrated, and I'll work on getting them to look better soon.

I see you have a long list of advertising programs you use, but which do you recommend for the small-time folk?

matt608 said...

For small time folk adsense is probably the best option, although small time folk are never going to make much money. I would focus on becomming a 'big time folk' by writing quality content and doing consistent SEO, then look more into monetisation. I didn't do this on this site - perhaps I should have done. I am not going to put any ads on my new site to test this method.

natnit said...

Thanks again for the advice.

I've added you to my feed reader, so keep up the great posts. :)

JonEboy said...

Great should be proud.

As a blogger myself struggling to get traffic - do you have any hints or tips to bring people to your site?

matt608 said...

I am really very surprised people think these are great earnings, adsense was only $6 in a week!

joneyboy I semi-answered that one when I asked natnit.
In short, quality content + good SEO of your site(keyword research etc) = link popularty and good ranking in the search engines which = traffic + money.