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Thursday, 15 March 2007

SEO Video Tutorial Series - Keywords

Today I started doing some preliminary SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work for my new site Affiliate Programs. I came across a great SEO video series over at Tailored Consulting. When setting up this blog I know I didn't conduct proper keyword research, I 'sort of did some' but not enough. I am determined to get my new site off to the best start possible and that involves doing SEO correctly from the start. The things Brendon says are fairly easy to implement and I will be taking full advantage of his advice. He recommends SEO Book's free keyword research Tool. I used this and managed to come up with a couple of great keyword phrases for my new site. Another great little tool is Overture's Keyword selection tool, which can be used in conjunction with SEO book’s tool.

The rest of the videos in the series will be posted over the next few days and I will be carrying out their advice on my new site, so stay tuned!.

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