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Thursday, 22 March 2007

AGLOCO - Small Victories

I have reached 60 people in my AGLOCO downline!
Today I Made one direct and one indirect AGLOCO referral which brings me up to a nice round 60! You can see I have made 19 new referrals so far in March, which means I have almost averaged one new sign up each day. I am ovbiously very happy about this but I have been aiming too have 100 people in my downline by the AGLOCO viewbar release.

There was an interesting post on the AGLOCO company blog, which mentioned that the release date is currently "scheduled for between Monday April 2 and Monday, April 16 (between 12 and 26 days from now". If that date holds firm and I continue to refer at the current rate I will not make the 100 referrals, but I would have come pretty close.

Personally I blame my referrals. Just kidding!... Well it would be nice if they did some more recruiting but there is a reason for everything and it seems the reason is for this is that I have not been giving enough advice about getting AGLOCO referrals. In the near future I will be dishing out some advice, but for the meantime I can pass you on to John Chow's AGLOCO section, which is jam packed with inspirational advice. If you have not already then Contine the AGLOCO List, which has been continued by several AGLOCO blogs but is yet to take the net by storm like the Z list did a month or so back.

The next AGLOCO update will be when I reach 100 referrals or the viewbar release, (which ever comes first), so stay tuned.


Geldseiten said...

Hi Matt

Good work, keep going! If you have only one or two good refferals (good says they are actively recruiting new members), your network can begin to grow really fast. My agloco network is just below 400 members (394 at the moment).

matt608 said...

Wow thats impressive!

It will be interesting to see how the difficulty of making referrals changes once the viewbar is released, I can't wait :D

Casey said...

I post about my agloco stats too at my site

Good luck to you as well!

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