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Friday, 2 February 2007

Google AdSense / AdWords - New Referral Model

According to Stephan Google has changed their AdSense/AdWords referral model. He only received $10 for two referrals he made and sent an email to Google to investigate. This is what Google said:

“Thank you for the email. I’m happy to say that we’ve now changed the payment model for referrals so you’ll earn more from now on. You’ll, as it has happened, get $5 when a user you’ve signed up earns $5. When the user has earned $100 and complies with the general terms of service for referrals you’ll get additionally $250 on top of the $5 - total $255. This is brand new and we’re right now updating our help center with this information.”

This is great for us bloggers. It means we are practically guaranteed to make something when we get a referral and well, $250 says it all. There is nothing officially released to explain this on the AdSense homepage just yet.

This increase in payment demonstrates the gargantuan profits Google reported. It looks like they are out to get more publishers and are willing to pay for it.

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