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Monday, 26 February 2007

John Chow has 6000 AGLOCO referrals!

As you may know I have been following John Chow's AGLOCO Success. I am going to have to stop making these posting when ever he gets 'another 1000' referrals because they are getting too frequent! To see what I mean then check out John Chow - 1000 AGLOCO signups in 10 Days!

Anyway as usual John Chow as usual couldn't resist doing just a bit more AGLOCO promotion. He announced this personal landmark earlier today. This is what he had to say:

"My experience with AGLOCO comes from AllAdvantage. I’m not sure if you were around the first time, but AllAdvantage was the first AGLOCO. Created during the first dot com boom, AllAdvantage raised over $100 million in venture capital and it basically paid all of it to the members who ran the Viewbar. I think that was the first time in corporate history when the venture capitalists lost and the little guy (Viewbar users) won. AllAdvantage went down with the Dot Com crash. However, while it was up, I made over $25,000 from it."

John Chow is a surviving a veteran from a 'battle' about AllAdvantage, which raged so long ago that most people have forgotten about it. It is therefore my duty to remind you that he wonand I am glad to have him on my side. Compared to the 'mere' 40 people I have in my AGLOCO downline, he will make a lot more money than me, but all is not lost:

"Look at it this way. You can sit by the sideline and do nothing, and gain nothing. You can join AGLOCO, just run the Viewbar, and not promote it. Still won’t cost you anything and you’ll make a few bucks. You can take a chance and promote it, built a network, maybe luck out and sign up some guy like me who runs with it (McCall signed up just 110 people but those people went to sign up 17,000 more).

If AGLOCO fails, what have you lost in terms of time or money? If it hits big, what have you lost by standing on the sideline? AllAdvantage failed, but I still made $25,000 in the process. AGLOCO may fail or AGLOCO maybe the next YouTube. I don’t know. All I do know is the risk to reward ratio is so great, I can’t pass it up and neither should you."

I commend John’s persuasive writing style, which has clearly put to good use. Of course the credibility of his name has a lot to do with his success as well, but nevertheless he is an inspiration to us all (well at least to me he is!). You can
Join my AGLOCO network here


Trish said...

Your AGLOCO link isn't working. :(

matt608 said...

I have now fixed it, thanks for the heads up trish!

Jennifer said...

I want to find out of I am one of John Chow's extended contacts. Do you know if and how you can do that?

See ya...

Oh, and you are doing great with your network too. I have only one referral now in mine. LOL...

matt608 said...

Sorry Jennifer, I dont think you can find that out, but don't give up referring people!

Agloco said...

Try harder. I believe one day you will beat John Chow, hopefully.