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Thursday, 22 February 2007

SlashMySearch - A Trial run

One of the latest referral schemes circulating the net is SlashMySeach. I heard about it a couple of times before I joined and I aim to give to give it a fair review. Fair reviews are important for a blogger because they maintain trust

Allow me to explain. Imagine if I referred you to a program that ended up being a 'scam' of some sort, I would have lost your trust and your readership. I also would have wasted all the time I spent writing the article that referred you. So you can see it's in my interest to tell the truth.

Anyway, I signed up to SlashMySeach yesterday and I have had a little time to experiment with it. (I will give you the full review in a few days when I have spent more time on it). So far there are some good and bad things about it which I will briefly outline.

- The earning system does means you make money for minimal effort.
- You get paid to surf via their search engine
- You get paid to read + post in their forum.
- You get paid a large portion (about 65%) of your referrals earnings.
- The community is growing, the viral 'excitement' seems to be just taking a grip, which means they will have more money from advertising revenues to share with us.

- The Search Engine is terrible. Many searches come up with 0 results. They claim that this is a bug, which is currently being dealt with but only time will tell. I also have a sneaky way to get around this but I am unsure if it earns at the same rate. Basically, if you type in 'Google' in the SlashMySearch bar, you can then use the main Google search while still on the SlashMySearch site, which I think means you are still earning.
- You can do a similar thing with other sites. e.g. If you search for 'Mylot, you can go about your Mylot posting as usual, while still on SlashMySearch, which I think means you are still earning. You can see me doing this in the screen shot.
- Once you have earned the minimum payout ($50) you have to wait 2 months till you can receive it!

So at the moment I think its quite an even battle. I will find out all the answers to the I think's and get back to you with a full review in a few days. In the meantime why not join the 'Mylot forum, which has a payment program 'we' all trust.


DotMySpot said...

lolz @@" Hi Matt! :D How's things??

Just wondering what does 608 means? the one behind ur name Matt608


matt608 said...

Things are actually really good! Today I made another $25 from my second Text link ads referral!, which made my day :D

The 608 actually doesn't really mean anything, it was my Steam ID from ages ago. I actually wish I had not use that as my 'online name' for everything, perhaps I should have picked something more memorablel... at least there isn't any competition for it! lol

Rene (nufoundglory) said...

I follow this link from your post on mylot. But...2 months until a payment? You said not to assume something a scam before u actually joined it, but this DOES sound like a scam to me. Check your own review abt them there, there's more negatives than the positives. And, you yourself haven't being paid yet, dude, how do you know it isn't scam? I mean, c'mon!

matt608 said...

OK, firstly I never said I had proof that this isn't a scam. You are right, ther are alot of negatives, it all depends on how soon it will take them to 'fix' the search engine, and also how capable you are of getting referrals.

Anonymous said...

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amsterdam said...

thanks for the review Matt

Seems like a good time to get into this program and promote it hard ;)