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Saturday, 13 January 2007

You Should Not Sign Up For AGLOCO

It looks like the AGLOCO network is growing so fast that unless you sign up before the viewbar comes out at the end of February you would have missed your chance. NOW is the time to sign up. Make sure you don’t not miss this opportunity to make BIG BUCKS online.

Once the viewbar comes out, the members earnings will start to arrive (first pay out is at the end of march). Then everyone will be desperately trying to join, but it will tool late for them to get easy referrals. Those of us who are smart enough to be members before that happens will rake in these unfortunate people and will reek the benefits.

For more information about AGLOCO read my other posts below and in my archive.

or sign up here

4 comments: said...

Hey Matt, How did you hear about Agloco not accepting any more signups after Feb?


matt608 said...

I may have been unclear, there will still be AGLOCO signups after feb, but people who are allready members will be able to get all the people who are flooding in to join as referrals. (they will be 'flooding in' because the members will be celebrating about their payouts).

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

My bad, I didn't read your post properly. I get it now. :)