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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Blog Review: Wealth Coach

Wealth Coach is a site I have found especially useful in my online money making 'journey' (I know is corny). It is the blog of Nicola Cairncross, a successful internet marketer.

As you know there are lots of useful sites out there, but on Wealth Coach I found some ideas I had not read anywhere else before (whether this means they are original or not I will leave up to you). One of these includes a post about using Myspace to our full advantage. I have had a profile on Myspace for some time and I 'sort of' knew that I could try and use it as a marketing tool but I never really got into it. Nicola's post about how to use Myspace made me realised how valuable social networking sites are to internet marketers (and anyone trying to get traffic).

You take a look at her Myspace profile to get and Idea of what you can do here. You can see a certain professional looking approach has been taken and she has been rewarded with positive comments from people in her 'friends' network.

Stay tuned for reviews of other great sites to learn from, but while your waiting, why not learn from Wealth Coach or you can scroll down.......


Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Matt
Thanks for visiting my blog, your site contains some quality material and I would like to do some reciprocal work. My email is, I hope to issue my ezine next week so I will let you know cos that would be a good thing to promote. If you display any programs I have not joined I will follow your links, perhaps you can do the same?

wealthcoach said...

Dear Matt

Thanks for commenting on my site - I have done the same with yours. Do you know about trackback and ping yet? It's a great way to comment on other people's sites and AUTOMATICALLY get a link back to yours. Here's a link to my article telling you how to do it if you use Typepad and you might be able to figure out how to turn trackback and ping on for blogger (sure you can) Cheers, Nicola

wealthcoach said...

Darn! Forgot the link to the article on Trackback & Ping - here it is