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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Mylot - Earnings

In recent days I have been struggling to find time to post on Mylot, which is a real shame because it's one of the things I most enjoy doing online. Mylot has fallen into the group of social networks I use to promote this blog (amongst other things). This not necessarily a bad thing, before this happened I earned $18 which isn't a huge amount but given how easy (and fun) it was to earn I'd say it was worth while.

I used to say that I viewed posting on Mylot as a sort of 'paid break' from SEO and blogging because it has such variety of topics. I could just forget about blogging if I wanted to and go and start posting about evolution or anything that took my fancy and earn a little money while I was at it.

Mylot's population has been growing so quickly (it is now 64,534 nerds strong) and so many new features have been added I have had trouble keeping up. This makes me feel old, which I shouldn't given how young I am. To make online contacts, have fun, feel old and make some money join Mylot here.

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