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Friday, 12 January 2007

Get MORE from adsense

Adsblacklist can increase your pages eCPM. They way it works is simple. You enter keywords relating to your blog/website. It then comes up with a comprehensive list of 200 sites that are LOW PAYERS for adsense. You then copy and past this list into your adsense blacklist (this is all explained on Adsblacklist. Then, over the next few days those sites are blocked by adsense so that only the sites that pay high rates will be allowed to advertise on your site.

My personal experience with Adsblacklist has given mixed results. I have only just implemented this on this blog so I eagerly await the results!

You may be aware that only the highest payers are ones that advertise on your site, as that is part of what adsense does. This may be true so the usefulness of Adsblacklist is debateable. I have also heard of cases where it has drastically increased revenue. I say give it try, and if it doesn’t work remove the sites from your blacklist.

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