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Friday, 12 January 2007

Content Vs Marketing: Final Showdown

Today we are going to witness a Lord of The Rings scale battle between Content and Marketing.

It is going to be decided once and for all, which is MORE IMPORTANT.

MARKETING is still putting his loin cloth on, allowing CONTENT to give the first devastating blow

CONENT -------> You need content to hook your first readers.

MARKETING ------->(Now fully clothed). Your first readers will not find you without being at least listed in the search engines.

CONTENT -------> bounces back - You need content for your first readers to respect you to be of any worth to you.

MARKETING -------> (loin cloth flailing). Your growth rate will be much higher if you CONTINUE to find new readers.

CONTENT -------> (has no loin cloth because he is pure, revealing everything, hiding nothing - a nudist) - You need content for people to subscribe to your feed.

MARKETING -------> People who read your blog regularly and are hooked on content don't click on the ads anyway, it’s the newcomers that are important.

CONTENT -------> MARKETING should be ashamed of himself, have some pride in your work and get some respect while you’re at it.

MARKETING -------> Would you still be doing this if you were getting no money from it?


CONTENT -------> (recovering) To be the BEST and make it BIG TIME you are going to need content!

MARKETING -------> (looking exhausted) I cant be bothered to be big time....(these are MARKETING'S last words, who collapses and dies in a very melodramatic way to get attention)

CONTENT -------> Advertisers are getting cleverer and some wont put ads on your site with out content and a regular reader base. (CONTENT then collapses realistically...)

Its over, the result = DRAW!!!

It seems that CONTENT and MARKETING are equally matched and so are equally important!

We really were not expecting that, there lie two powerful figures.....

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Anto said...

Hi Mat, I just read your comment on my blogs. I will add your link soon when im free.
thanks :)

Nicola Cairncross, Wealth Coach said...

Dear Matt

Thanks for you comment on my blog and yes, you are most welcome to comment on my blog on yours and I'll link to it if you let me know when it's done.