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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Blog launch!

I wrote in a previous post that I had figured out one of my "online flaws" was that I would sell a blog pretty much as soon as it had started making decent money. I didn't know if my blogs could keep earning consistently for months. Selling them contantly put me back at square one. I made a goal to not sell any blogs until Easter while constantly growing them and building more.

That strategy has been going very well. My adsense earnings have been steadily increasing ever since my last sale and I'm earning enough that hopefully I won't need to sell a blog at easter anyway.

The blog I want to tell you about is clothing deals online. On that blog I track down the deals and discounts that Amazon has on so many of its items and I publish my findings. Its purpose for the user is to save them money when they shop. It covers clothing in a very in-depth way with entire sections devoted to womens clothing online and other types of clothes. I'm still working on the appearance of the site (the header graphic needs changing), but I have high hopes for it!

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