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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Online Money Making

Online money making has become a major business and a way of life, or at least an ambition for many many people. A Google search for "Online money making" reveals over 90 Million results, 722 thousand of which are blogs. I think of this massive increase in bloggers blogging about online money making as a booming industry, not unlike the industrial revolution, or the massive emigration to America, to explore the new world.

It's an exiting time to be alive and blogging, with everyone looking to get a knee up from the wealthy online money making bloggers who got in early and have grown powerful.

The great thing about online money making bloggers is that they are both competition to each other, while at the same time provide traffic to each other and sustain each other while teaching you (and me) How to Market Your Blog. We all visit each other’s blogs, being traffic in ourselves, as well as exchanging links and helping each other.

The other common practise is linking to other blog posts we like. This creates friendly competition that is very rewarding and fair for those involved. Good content simply means more links from other bloggers, which increases traffic directly as well as improves search engine rankings.

The other great thing about online money making is that it encourages creativity. This is important, not only in writing creative blog posts, but in coming up with entrepreneurial ideas. Anything is possible; people are becoming millionaires by online money making all the time. Just imagine what the blogosphere will be like in 10 years, will it still exist?


Kumiko said...

Hi Matt!

I thought I sent a response to your offer and was waiting for your reply! My mistake!!

I've accepted your offer and sent another email to confirm and clarify details.


Haroon said...

Hi Matt,

Well i sent you a mail too. About the link exchnage.

And i have not received any comfirmation yet.


matt608 said...

Kumiko I just recieved your email, thanks!

Perhaps my e-mail is malfunctioning, because I have still not recieved your e-mail haroon.

You could try sending it again? It seemed to work the second time with Kumiko.

feelhappy said...

hello matt,
well while searching on google i came to your site
and well after reading the thigs you have written here
i check it reguraly for the updates
plz keep the blog updating
i would like to read more from your blog
well and i too have a blog
not as good as you but a smaller one
here it is
please feel free to help me out and comment on my blog
thank you
hope to hear back from you

always for good

matt608 said...

Thanks feelhappy! It's true I don't update this blog as often as I used to (its by no means dead though!).

My other blog is on a closly related topic, (affiliate programs and internet scams). Perhaps you would be interesed in that?

It is here:

Good luck with your blog :)

Contrarian said...

With 722 thousand money making blogs, I can't imagine 722 thousand original ideas. This is an intriguing concept because it means that you don't even have to come up with original content; you just need write something in your own words. I can remember a John Chow post about this last year where he suggested just rewriting someone else's post in your own words.

I chose to start a blog about contrarian economics because I didn't want to compete with the zillion make money online blogs. I think I should probably start second blog with that topic just to get my piece of the pie.

DotMySpot said...

:D my god there are so many money making sites out there!

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mr.ular said...

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