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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Clinke Bidding Directory Released!

Daryl from Earn Money Blogging recently announced the launch of his new bidding directory which he has called Clinke (as in 'putting Link in cost effectiveness'). Clinke's development is recorded on the directory blog. Clinke allows you to buy and sell backlinks, which is important for SEO and improves Google Page Rank. Each backlink counts as a 'vote of confidence' for your site in the all-seeing eyes of the search engines and so they are fundamentally important.

To get his new site of to a flying start Daryl launched a blog post contest where everybody is a winner! The best post will (which he will judge) will receive $20. This seems like a pretty small first prize, but there are 5 prizes and everyone who takes part wins the 3rd,4th and 5th ones! Why not enter the contest and be guaranteed a prize!

UPDATE: Since writing this I have been added to the Clinke bidding directory and experienced first hand the special bonus which Daryl mentions on his post. If I told you what it is I would have to spam you to death (how else can you kill someone via a blog?), but rest assured it's worth entering to find out!


DotMySpot said...

I Want to win! :)

lilyruth said...

I think even tho Im not much of a writer I will give it a go but tell me this show me example how am I suppose to use the three links does he mean like using the words clink directory etc, or does he mean writing out the links like http;// clink directory,com or what? can you explain to me please!!!

matt608 said...


Where he says:

"Your post MUST include these 3 links:"

Below that is the HTML you need to use for the links. You just copy and past that HTML into your post, and place them where appropriate.

Hope that helps.

streak_tlu said...


I didn't see an e-mail for me to be able to get in touch with you. One of the programs I am in just opened to UK visitors and I wanted to discuss it with you. It's FREE to join and it's treated me well. Shoot me an e-mail at if you MIGHT be interested and I'll give you all the details.

streak_tlu said...

Also, I don't recall if we ever even exchanged blog links like you had requested back in Janurary. If we still haven't done that let me know ;-)

Anonymous said...

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stratz said...

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Anonymous said...

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lady influence said...

sounds good to me.. ill give it a check.. nice blog matt.. :)

simon said...

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