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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Blogroll re-shuffle

It's hard to surf the net without me thinking about the impending Google Page Rank update. Perhaps I'm getting a little obsessed with it but it never hurt to be prepared. The update will be like a flood where there is destruction but everything re-grows and flourishes more than before. I always say that necessity causes change and it is causing me to re-shuffle my blogroll and the 'my favourite sites' list.

As a I pointed out on Friday, this site has far to many out going links in its sidebar. It's time pick a select few and start over.

Why do I need less links there?

- There are too many links for readers to manage; it has become the custom to 'randomly click' on the list somewhere.
- It looks bad. Big lists like that are not pretty for readers or the Google spiders.
- Each outbound link 'leaks' a little Page Rank. Many of those sites are no longer updated and I don't want to be giving them better Page Rank (or traffic) when they are dead sites.
- It was a mistake to link out to some of them in the first place. Some are not at all relevant to readers of this blog. I didn't understand that concept months back when I offered/accepted a link exchange.
- Some have changed topic/drifted away from being about blogging and making money online.
- Too many links makes this page slow to load.
- The long list causes the sidebar to extend beyond the bottom of my blog posts! This could be solved by me increasing the number of posts per page but this means less AdSence earnings and doesn't help with the page loading time.
- Each outgoing link decreases the value of other outgoing links because it fragments traffic. On one level this means I am diverting traffic away from sites I want readers to visit. On the money level having more outgoing sidebar links decreases the price I can sell Text link ads for.
- Google likes sites with less outgoing sidebar links. The Sitening SEO tool ranks my site lower because of all the outgoing links.

If your site has been removed from my lists it is for one or more of those reasons. It is not because I don't like your site but because I feel you site won't benefit the readers of this blog as much as the others.

Below are all the sites I am removing. All of the sites below no longer have any obligation to link to me in their sidebar. (You can keep me there if you wish!) but there is no pressure or strings attached. I have stated the specific reason for removal next to some of the sites. Hopefully by linking out in this post they will be alerted to my actions and they can unlink to me.

bestest blog of all time


online money tips

make money online

Current world news has moved to a new address, I haven’t been getting traffic from there for over 2 months and is off topic to this blog.

All blog submit gives an error 404


internetbazaar hasn't posted for nearly 2 months

world of a mysterious life Isn't relevant enough to this site

free online games isn't relevant to this site

Money Making Machine hasn't posted since February

boys from the past isn't relevant enough to this site

WritingUP will not load

Canimakebigmoneyonline I had linked out to here twice in the same blogroll! whoops! I have kept the other link.

quick register

Highly recommended business oppourtinities drifted away from being relevant to this blog.

web money blog

earn online money

cool photos not relevant to this blog


the composed gentlemen not very relevant to this blog

Free ads for bloggers has not posted for 10 days

Quest to make money on the internet had not posted for over 2 months

My Quest to earn had not posted for over 10 days

Our blog review.

I have now removed those sites. The 'My Favourite sites' list is still too long but this will do for now.


Everyday Weekender said...

Hey.. if you want to boost your blog rank.. make sure you join the Technorati Train ;)

Everyday Weekender

talksmart said...

But you have to make sure which links you should get rid of. If you decide to unlink mine, that is fine.

Links are actually important for PR. I can see that you still have a PR=0. You need links which have high PR for you to rank high in search engines.

If your intention is to make money online, then get some traffic and do some SEO strategies-- which of course involves linking.

I suggest you should read Google Algorithm's Positive Factors before you proceed with the unlinking.

talksmart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
matt608 said...

Thanks talksmart but I am very aware of Google's PR algorithm. Yahoo site exploror (and other tools) say I have over 7,000 inbound links to this site, which tells me I can spare the 20 or so that are taking up my sidebar.

LFC fan! said...

Thanks for the post:-) In my opinion link exchanges doesn't do much favor. You are on right way.

cwilson26 said...

Well I see you have removed my link saying it drifted away from the relevancy of your blog. How is that? I'm just wondering if maybe it's because of the posts I have been writing for PayPerPost and Blogitive? I do those because I am paid to do them and once my Blogchex blog reaches it's 90 day mark I will be switching the reviews to that blog. I'm not mad about it but I was just wondering how you think it drifted away from being relevant to your blog. No big deal. I will keep your link on my blog and I am actually in the middle of doing a review on your blog on my blogchex blog and noticed this post about removing links. Then I saw mine and I was a little sad. :( Oh well anyway good luck with your Alexa experiment and talk to you soon. :)

matt608 said...

cwilson 26, I am sorry if I caused offence, that is not what I intended at all. There were to many blogs in my sidebar and I simply had to choose somehow. I did this by visiting each blog and looking at the last 4/5 posts and a few other things. I know your blog contains lots of useful material for bloggers and making money online, but the last few posts caused me to think that perhaps you were changing your tack.

If you are not changing your 'tack' then let me know if a few days when you have a few more blogging/money making posts and I will re-add you.



George said...


Instead of getting rid of one of the duplicate links to my blog you should have kept it and added two or three more:) I wouldn't mind...

Thanks for the extra accidental link love while it lasted!

matt608 said...

lol, I didn't think it was especially beneficial for you to have more than one link anyway, because the important factor was that the link was good for your SEO but probably didn't send very much traffic due to the large number of other links.

cwilson26 said...


I said it was no big deal and I'm not mad. I have not taken offense and I'm sorry it seemed that way. I was just curious why, that's all. I'm still linked from your blog anyway because of the link you put in your "blog re-shuffle" post so we are still linked that way at least. No biggie. Like I said I do still post about making money but I also get paid for the PPP and Blogitive posts. Hey I need the extra money but I also don't want to lose my readers. That's why I even wrote a post in my blog about why I do them in the first place and I hope I don't lose any readers. I haven't posted in about 5 days though because I have been having PC problems and have been fighting with my ISP for the last few days trying to get them to help me. Tomorrow I will be posting again and hope to be able to stay on track after that.

I haven't even been online in the last few days so I had no idea about the PR updating. I am going to have to head on over and check out my PR. I'm hoping for a high one, lol.

Like I said though, your link is still on my blog. Congrats on the high PR! :)