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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Using Forums to form a judgement of an a 'Make Money Online' program

You have my apologies for not posting yesterday, I was at my old schools rock show and some friends of mine where performing; it was GREAT by they way :D


Forums. Where would we be without them? They have numerous uses, be it making 'friends'/business partners, having a rant about anything, or even getting paid to post like on Mylot.

Remember a few days ago I wrote about getting free traffic from free online advertising forums; well there is yet another use for forums and that is using them to form a judgement on a make money online program.

What is he on about?
The fact is that everyone uses forums. A very think and juicy slice of societies nerds, affiliate marketers, gamers and bloggers all use them. The point I am vainly attempting to make is that forum threads often give a fair view. I have seen numerous occasions when someone promoting an affiliate program has started a new thread containing a load of over promotional exaggerated pap. The 'people of the forum' often respond to these asking things about the site. Many of them reply saying they already know about that program and can prove it's a scam.

The number of replies can also tell you a lot about the 'make money online' program that is being promoted. If there are no replies, it either indicates:

a) That everyone already knows about it and has made their judgement
b) That the promoter has phrased what they are saying badly and no-one really cares because they are bad at making promotional posts.

a) Tells us that you don't want to join up because it has reached its full potential already
b) Tells you that you don't want to join up because you are still not convinced it's any good. It also tells you how not to post.

If there are numerous replies to a post about a make money online scheme, then you can read those replies and make your judgement accordingly.

And that’s forums… they are infinite in their uses.

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