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Monday, 12 March 2007

Successful Online Money Making ! - Blog Updates

I have been very busy working on my first 'real' site so forgive me for the lack of major posts. All will return to normal very soon. By the end of the week I hope to have lots to tell you about my new site, which will also help you make money online. You may have noticed a few little changes to this blog, namely that picture of me, which took me far to long to take and add to this site. If you have not got a picture of yourself stuck on your blog then I highly recommend getting one as soon as possible!

That picture has actually opened a lot of doors for me. I have now been able to become an active member of the MyBlogLog Community, which is already producing some traffic and has allowed me to contact bloggers in this niche who were previously unknown to me.

These clever people have already joined my community:

XtremgenX , from
Your blogging guide

Alex, from
Blog About Money Online

Rugjeff, from
Rufjeff's Blog About Blogging

You can jump into the community love fest to by Joining my community

Another little addition to this blog is the star rating in the top right. Anyone can rate this blog, you don't need to join any communities or website; just click on how many stars you think Successful Online Money Making ! deserves. You can get your own star 'Star it' here at the click of a button.

The last little addition is the 'bookmark' icon at the bottom of each post. This allows you to bookmark a post in all the major sites in a matter of seconds.

Those are all the updates for now; it won't be long before this blog returns to its traditional 'make money online' topic, so why not bookmark it and come back soon!