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Thursday, 1 March 2007

ReviewMe Launches an affiliate program

Just a quick post to inform you that ReviewMe! has launched an affiliate program.

"Get $25.00 for every new advertiser you refer to ReviewMe who purchases a review that makes it to completion!"

Its a little disappointing that you don't get paid for referring publishers, like you do with Text Link Ads, but hey, that’s life. You can get a get a custom affiliate badge to use on your site if you want. So get referring!

- Get your Web site's products or services reviewed by related Web sites, and benefit from valuable exposure, feedback, and viral buzz.
- ReviewMe recently had a 50% off deal, chances are they will have one again!
- The ReviewMe! database only contains sites that are at least page rank 4 and that get a certain amount of traffic (you pick the site!).

Sign up to ReviewMe!

10 comments: said...

Congrats on winning the John Chow "guess the income" contest Matt!


matt608 said...

Thanks!! :D

Johnny Cash said...

Matt. Congratulate you for winning John Chow, "guess the income" contest!

Kumiko said...

Congratulations! What method did you use to correctly guess?


Luke C. said...

Great read we love the help!!!!


Empty Spaces Inc. said...

I just signed up today.

and congrats on winning the john chow contest.

Armen said...

Nice guess!

Wouldn't you prefer a Wordpress blog?

matt608 said...

WOW thanks everyone! I would tell you how I made my guess... but that would be telling! I'm going for the win next time aswell!

armen, I would prefer a wordpress blog, I almost switched this blog to one a while back, but now this blog is too developed for it to be worth switching. Maybe my next site will be with wordpress...

Ram's said...

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DotMySpot said...