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Monday, 5 March 2007


By now most of my regular readers know I actively support and promote AGLOCO. I have decided to start a Viral marketing campaign to help the average and below average AGLOCO member to get AGLOCO referrals. It does this by giving their blog some linking love and a little extra traffic. You may think, 'why would I want to link to someone else’s AGLOCO blog?, they will just steal my referrals!'. The reason is that this list will help grow the AGLOCO community as a whole. The people who actually look down the list and visit these sites are not going to be potential referrals, but the authors of the blogs, back tracking to find out who linked to them. This will generate an awareness among of other AGLOCO blogs, creating a learning fest as people learn from each others sites about ways to promote AGLOCO. Not to mention that the linking love will help us all in the Search engines.

- To Continue the AGLOCO list, you must have less than 50 direct referrals. You can have as many indirect referrals as you want have because you have no control over that.
- If you are AGLOCO listed and wish to continue the list, you must find other blogs about AGLOCO (you may already be a reader of them) and add them to the list. (They may only post the list themselves if they have less than 50 direct referrals, if you know they have more than 50, don't add them, this way there will be as few high flyers on the list as possible).
- The blogs you add do not have to be only about AGLOCO. They can include posts on other topics, much like this blog. As long as they have made a few positive posts about AGLOCO feel free to list them, (check that they are not already on the list).
- If you continue The AGLOCO List, you must add the site that listed you to your list.
- You may not add other blogs you author to the list. If you have two blogs on AGLOCO and someone listed the 'lesser one' you may add the better one if you wish and remove the lesser one from your blog post.
- You can still partisipate in The AGLOCO List, even if you are not listed by anyone, you simply add your site providing it fits with the other rules

To continue The AGLOCO list:
1. Copy and past the list of sites below into your blog post.
2. Add any AGLOCO blogs you want to the list, including the blog that listed you (this blog). Remember, the more you add the faster it will spread.
3. That’s it! Sit back and feel the networking love.

AGLOCO Little Guy
The ClubFreedom Blog
Blog About Money Online
Making money on the web
How to Earn Money Blogging
The Ultimate Make Money Onling Blog
My life! - boring but I love it
Dominate AGLOCO
Successful Online Money Making ! (I am adding myself because there is no one to add me first!).

Here is the Text version you can copy and paste straight into your blog post:

<a href="">AGLOCO Little Guy</a>

<a href="">The ClubFreedom Blog</a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href="">Blog-Op</a>

<a href="">Blog
About Money Online</a>

<a href="">Making
money on the web</a>

<a href="">How to Earn Money

Ultimate Make Money Onling Blog</a>


<a href="">My life! - boring but I
love it</a>

<a href="">Dominate

<a href="">Successful Online
Money Making !</a>


Mike Perry said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. As requested I have at last got round to adding your link.
Mine is:
Interesting blog!
Best wishes,

The Crazy King of Clowns said...

hi! Can i exchange links with ur blogs?
My blog is Infinitely CRAZY

Leave me a commment if u'd like to :)

John said...

Just found your blog via Mike's Money Making Mission blog. I'd like to take part in your Agloco campaign as I don't have any referrals at the moment. My blog is Be happy to link to you if you'd add a link to mine.

John said...

Have now published my post on Agloco on my blog


Johnny Cash said...


As requested, I join the AGLOCO list!

My post:

Calvin said...

Hey I would like to do a link exchange with you. I have implemented many features on my site to help fellow members of Agloco more effectively promote Agloco. The site has a automated invite tool that sends a email out your selected recipients inviting them to join Agloco and It sends them a link to the splash page that is created for every member of the site with their Agloco id embedded in the "join now" links.

I have already added you to my links directory you can see it here:

Dominik Pasalic said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the great idea with the list. I hope this list becomes a mile long. And sorry that I´ve said that you are from US,but why do you understand the german language?


matt608 said...

To be honest I don't have a very good understanding of German, I know a little because I studied it a few years back.. I would like to learn it 'properly' in the future, i'm sure I will.

The AGLOCO List looks like it is taking of slowly, if a few more - maybe 5 or 10 more blogs were to post it it would really get going, so far it is on about 6 or so blogs, fingers crossed!

Dominik Pasalic said...

Hi Matt and everybody out there. I hope I can spread the AGLOCO list in Germany.

And I think there are many readers from my site who understand english and will visit your site. I found it last week and I like the ressources and articles. I´ve read an article about the traffic generation tip project from the daily blog tips blog and I will give it a try in Germay. Feel free to participate. I would be glad. Write an new article or give me a link from one of your written article and I spread your link in the German blogger world. The project is going to run until 31.03.2007. The project is roughly the same like the one from the daily blog tips site. The difference is, that the participants have to write something on their own blog.


Rajendra said...

I have added the Agloco List to my blog.
Could you link me up with the list

adam said...

Hi I have added the Agloco Blog list to my site - next is to read them!
Can you add my site


Michael H. Lewis said...

To the owner of this AGLOCO site and any readers,

I want to do a special kind of link exchange that can benefit both of us. Click here for more info.

Michael H. Lewis

gagan said...

R u guys really getting anything out of Agloco?

simon said...

Hey Matt, Thanks for the offer.
I added your list on my blog, here are my details:
blog URL:
Title: AGLOCO - Make Your Mark

j.rock said...

hi Matt,

Can you combine the agloco list and i will post the updated list on my blog. Im just too busy at the moment. hope its ok. thanks

anchor text: Make Money Online with Agloco

MC_E349094 said...

My blog is in Malay. Can I still create a link with you guys.. anyway, i also have the english version... but in the process of updating...

i will post you guys link in either today or tomorrow..

will appreciate if you could add my link , with the title of
"AGLOCO, In Malay & English".