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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Social Networking

We all know by know (well you will if you have been reading this blog) that social networking is a useful tool for network marketers, whether you are looking to get referrals for an affiliate program or get some extra traffic and/or feedback about your website. SpicyPage is an up-and-coming social network. It is essentially the same as Digg only different...Instead of voting on an individual story or post entire blogs are voted on.

'Voting' on a blog doesn’t mean you have to think its the best blog in the world. It just means you like it and think it deserves a little extra traffic. Voting is a reader’s way of saying thank you to the blogger with the click of a button. Not only is this psychologically rewarding for the blogger, but enough votes will result in the blog/website appearing on the SpigyPage Homepage in the very prominent 'Most popular' section; this obviously brings that blogger more traffic.

SpicyPage is also a great place to make 'friends' - not real friends, but the kind of friend you might ask for a link exchange or something of that sort. Much like Mylot you can invite members to join your 'friends' group and you can send messages to each other. The idea is that eventually it will end up that everyone is interconnected with other people who are in the same niche enabling them to be able to communicate with each other easily.

So go check Spicypage out!


Corey Koehler said...

Hey Matt,

How much traffic have you gotten from spicypage?

matt608 said...

At the moment I am getting a constant trickle of traffic from spicy page (a couple of people a day).

When I started it, I went around voting, adding friends and being an active member, which got me on the front page (it only took about an hour of voting etc to achieve this - remember spicy page is a lot smaller than digg). I got about 20-30 visitors a day for a few days after that, with about 30 on that actual day.

I did the whole 'being an active member' once more since then, which got me a few more votes and a bit more traffic again for a couple of days.

So we are talking faily small amounts, but i'd say its just about worth it.

Jar said...

I'm trying to find ways to promote awareness about our soon to launch entry to the web 2.0 revolution: The Venice Chronicles (

I love the way that digg, drill, and now even SpicyPage work to generate traffic for BLOGS...

Are you aware of anything similar that would help a online community/social network like ours?