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Saturday, 6 January 2007

Traffic Tips for Beginners

As you have all noticed, I have taken a break from explaining my experience of making money online. This is not because my experience has stopped, nor because I have no advice to give you. It is in fact because I have been so busy finding out about new methods that I have had not choice but to make 'short n sweet' posts.

A very useful way of making money online is by bringing more traffic to your website/blog. This can be done a number of different ways, all off which should be utilised.

1. Get higher ranked in the search engines.
2. Have your site listed in the main directories.
3. Have your site listed in niche directories.
4. Publicise your site in forums e.g. Mylot.
5. Publicise your site in free classified ads, e.g. Vivastreet.
6. Have your site jam-packed with useful, original content.
7. By getting links to your site displayed on other sites of prominence.

Number 1.(debatably the most important) can be achieved by using the other methods. This is because each link to your site acts as a 'vote' in the all-seeing eyes of the search engine. You can go about gathering links by browsing blogs and requesting link exchanges to blogs that are related to yours, have a high quality of content and (hopefully) have a higher level of web traffic than you. This method, although rewarding (as you develop a more personal relationship with your fellow bloggers) can be very slow, and ineffective.

Untimatly, it all comes down the OC (like everything in the world...) ORIGINAL CONTENT. If you content is good enough you will find people coming back for more, and if its REALLY good they will tell their friends and you will have to spend less time completeing the tedious other methods.

I will be explaining more about the other key ways in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Jerry said...

Hey Matt,

I'm not sure what you mean about technorati. I am already a member to that site. Is my technorati link incorrect? Or, am I supposed to make my site my favorite, or your site?