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Sunday, 14 January 2007

Networking - Generate Traffic and Links

A useful and rewarding way of generating traffic and links to your site is by networking. In this case this means contacting webmasters who have a similar topic of yours and 'requesting a partnership' with them.

I have done this by using Technorati. I searched for blogs, which have similar content and had MORE authority. There is no point putting effort to get links from sties that have less authority than yours. It is important to aim high, but ACHIEVEABLY high. e.g. if your site has 20 inbound links, it would be best to contact webmasters with around 40 - 100 inbound links. A Webmaster with over a 1000 links probably wouldn’t pay any attention to you. (Note - it is also the authority of their links which is important, so be sure to check their Technorati ranking as well).

When you contact other webmasters, be friendly, but do not offer things you will not do. For example you could offer to write a short review of their site which a couple of links to their site on it, and then suggest that they could link to it once you have written it.

The general rule is: Be good to them and they will be good to you.

You have to genuinely care about their success, you may find they put multiple links to your site and even recommend it if it is of good quality content.

Writing a review might sound like a lot more work than just putting a link to them in a list on your sites menu; but the review will end up in your archive, so it will not take the most prominent position on your page for long (not to mean it wont ever be read again).

Networking partners also may be interested in your affiliate programmes. They may sign up without you even asking if your posts about the programmes are good enough. If you are very good to them they may sign up, or they may offer to join yours if you join theirs.

Networking is therefore a very useful tool, in getting traffic, links (resulting is traffic due to the search engines smiling on them) and in possible affiliates.

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