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Wednesday, 3 January 2007


Hi everyone,
I have briefly mentioned the Mylot forums before, but I do not feel I did them justice. They are one of the many free money-making tools available to us on the net.

What is Mylot?
Mylot is a forum, with over 51,000 members. It is growing very quickly becase its users get paid in US dollars per post.

What exactly do the members get paid for?
Members get paid for:
1. Starting a new discussion. (the more replies they get the more money is earned, so they have to make them interesting!)
2. Uploading relevant images to their discussion.
3. Uploading relevant images to a reply they make to someone elses discussion.
4. Replying (posting) to someone elses discussion (better the post the more is earned)
4. Uploading images to their 'interests' section.

This can make posting on mylot actually quite enjoyable, as users strive to make a community that discusses only topics of interest.

Note: There is never any fee, I only ever talk about free ways of making money online.

My Tip:
Invite people to be be in your 'freinds' section, (dont worry you dont have to know them personally). You can then post in each others topics with benefits you both.

You can join mylot here:


Best of luck!


jason said...

You might also take a look at HubPages. You create web articles on anything you like, and earn 60% of the Google AdSense, eBay and Amazon ad revenue & commission. Some of the best writers are already earning around $100 per month on what they’ve already written:

matt608 said...

Thanks Jason I will have a look at that right away.