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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Mylot Tips

According to my results from Hit tail, there is a demand for tips about how to earn on Mylot. Mylot is a forum; with over 58,000 members where the topics can be on ANYTHING you want. As usual I am an experienced member and here is the advice you seek:

You get paid on Mylot for:

1. Starting discussions (the more replies you get the more you earn, so its in your interests to make them interesting – this makes Mylot a great community to be a part of!)
2. Replying to other peoples discussions (you get more if you do a more in depth post - about 4 lines or more)
3. Uploading relevant images to your replies and/or discussions
4. Uploading images to your interests (you get more if you write about them)
5. Getting referrals (you get to keep 25% of your referrals earnings - they do not lose anything)

Note: you do not get paid for replying to discussions you have started, but you should still do this as it can help to keep the discussion going and will make you a more respected member.

There has also been a new auction system, a bit like eBay, which has been introduced, so be sure to check that out.

And that’s about it!

Mylot members: I hope you find these tips useful

Non Mylot members: You can sign up here.

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