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Friday, 5 January 2007

Book Review: The Complete IDIOT'S guid to Creating a Web Page

When starting my online moneymaking enterprise, this book was my first port of call.

- Paul McFedries, who is the president of Logophilia Limited. He has sold nearly two million copies of his various 30 computer books.

U.S. $19.99
U.K. £18.15
CAN $29.95

As you can see this book is not cheap especially the UK version which I own!!

First Glance:

- The book appears to be very thick for an 'idiot's guide', it contains 414 pages.
- It seems to be clearly laid out, with bullet pointed lists inside, and examples of exactly what to do.
- Contains a CD-ROM, which includes a "complete Webmaster's toolkit".

Closer Examination reveals the book is so think, BECAUSE it is for 'idiot's'. There is no WAY that you could get confused about something using this book. You simply start at the front (duh) with basic HTML coding, and work your way through to the ways to "make your page sing and dance".

According the Paul McFedries "Smart People use Idiots guides - they are the perfect resource for immediate results!". I must admit, there is some truth in this statement. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking to make your own web page and you have no knowledge of HTML. (I did not need much HTML knowledge for this blog, my website has been put 'on hold' until this blog has made a greater impression in the 'blogosphere'.


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