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Monday, 15 January 2007 Information

According to Hit Tail There has been demand for information about the Bestcashrewards affiliate programme, which I am a member of If you have not already guessed.

When you go the the Bestcashrewards Homepage (as seen in the Screen shot above) you are greeted with a rather suspicious looking page. It is clearly laid out but does have a 'tacky' edge to it. When I signed up I thought, 'well as long as you don’t need to give an investment, and I’m just giving them my email address then its worth a try’. It seems I was right. Back when I joined there was a stonking great big button that said "join here!". To my surprise it started downloading something and I admit I started to get a little worried. However once it had finished, I opened the programme and it turned out to be a welcome room! Full of friendly advisers/moderators who talk to you through their microphone (you can type back if you don't have a microphone). They explain the programme and reassure you that you have nothing to lose. Remember at this stage I still hadn’t even given them my email address, so I was very impressed. You can just leave it at that, quit the programme and erase it from your hard drive if you want, but I am inclined to believe you wont.

Unlike AGLOCO you do not get paid unless you have affiliates, BUT once you do you will receive handsome sums of money. Money will at first be paid to you via your Paypal account, and then later (in the future) it will be with an online banking system.

NOTE: You do not have to give any paypal details or anything until you have accumulated enough money for a pay out ($50).

Bestcashrewards are a fairly young programme, and so have not started pay outs just yet, which gives us plenty of time to get referrals.

If you are wondering what they actually pay you for, it is for viewing 2 30minute seminars (on average) per week. You also get paid for EVERYONE in your 'downline' who watches the seminar, which has 9 Tiers! Which means that in time you can accumulate ALOT of referrals.

NOTE: It is free to sign up - I only ever use/blog about free methods of making money online.

So, hopefully I have covered everything. You can now go to the Bestcashrewards Homepage where you can be taken through to the welcome room, where the moderators will greet you.


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Wow this site is great!

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inspired work, i'm already reaping the rewards earning £80 a day following your advice