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Monday, 29 January 2007

AGLOCO Top 10% !

As of 12AM GMT today I officially rank in the top 10% of AGLOCO members with referrals! This is a major breakthrough for me, things have taken a while to gain momentum.

It is fairly general knowledge that people need to be 'exposed' to a product or service a certain number of times before they trust it enough to look into it. Its said that 3 times is the minimum, and after 7 exposures that person is highly likely to investigate the product further. Well I am 'exposing' you to AGLOCO now, be it your first ever hearing or your 10th (if its your 10th you still haven’t signed up you are extremely stubborn!). So those of you with who this is your first AGLOCO encounter, why not go against the statistics and sign up to AGLOCO or learn about it. For those of you who are genuinely not interested than what are you doing reading this blog you clearly don't want to make money online!

2 comments: said...

I joined agloco under your referal
I was registered and i am unable to sign the new password they want me to make. It says the server is busy and try again. I have been trying for the past two day and the server is always busy.

matt608 said...

Thanks for signing up, that is very unusual and I have never heard of it happening with anyone else before. Perhaps if you try entering the site through a different address i.e. you could try any links they sent you in the email, or try directly typing

Let me know if you get it working!